“After our initial training, we partnered with our [agile] coach, Mike Miller. Mike attends our meetings, looking for opportunities to show us how to apply the concepts and offering real time advice as we work with our scrum teams and business partners.”

Denny Menter
Development Manager, IT Corporate Sales Systems, Ashley Furniture

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Mike is that he’s helpful and knowledgeable. Mike not only holds the requisite Agile knowledge and experience, but more importantly, he possess a commanding and caring presence that allows him to create a safe environment where teams can challenge their processes and identify opportunities to use, modify or replace current processes. With training and guidance from Mike, our department successfully launched an Agile Scrum framework. We could have never done this without Mike. Mike never turns down the opportunity to share his expertise or to help teams achieve successes with this direct guidance. He presents his knowledge in an engaging and unintimidating way, always lending advice and best practices for our success. Mike is very persistent, passionate, and patient. Furthermore, he was able to adapt his teaching and coaching methods to an individual’s scrum knowledge/skill level. Our teams would never be where we are today without him coaching through it, every step of the way.

Danielle Stevens, PSM
IT Project Manager, Scrum Master

Michael is one of the most positive people I have ever worked with. He has a natural ability to spread his positive attitude and motivate and recognize others. As the Product Manager for LabTech Software’s numerous websites he successfully captures ever-changing business requirements and translates them into consistently precise and unambiguous user stories for developers. He’s very organized and always keeps our tasks prioritized. Michael puts his heart and soul into everything he does and can always be relied on. He goes above and beyond to make sure that the company’s clients are satisfied.

Michal Mazur
Web Developer

Michael is meticulous in his communication. Both verbal and written, Michael leaves very little doubt or confusion. He has a knack for explaining a variety of issues on many levels. He can speak effectively to a layman or a expert and convey his meaning. His level of commitment to task is always superior and his deliverables reflect this.

Cris Godfrey
IT Professional and Author