Monthly Archives: May 2014

Why the Web?
I believe that the World Wide Web is the single greatest innovation of our time. No other human innovation of the Information Age has brought more information, more access, more change, more freedom, and more truth to the human race than the Web has. Man has landed on the Moon, and it was probably the most amazing thing that we did in the twentieth century. But how many of us walked on the moon? A handful? Name any other invention or innovation in the course of human history and, barring some advances in medicine, none of...
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Three Principles for More Effective Communication

Over the years, one of the most surprising things I have seen in business is the frightening lack of effective communication - or better yet, any communication at all! The old adage 'the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing' is tired and worn out from overuse, but it's not the cliché's fault, it's ours. Here are three simple principles we can all follow to promote more effective communication at the office.


Have you ever watched people move at a crowded train station or airport? How can literally hundreds, if not...

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