Why the Web?

I believe that the World Wide Web is the single greatest innovation of our time. No other human innovation of the Information Age has brought more information, more access, more change, more freedom, and more truth to the human race than the Web has.

Man has landed on the Moon, and it was probably the most amazing thing that we did in the twentieth century. But how many of us walked on the moon? A handful? Name any other invention or innovation in the course of human history and, barring some advances in medicine, none of them have had the depth, the breadth, and the capacity to change people’s lives like the World Wide Web.

It is with that central belief and great humility that I approach every website, every web product, every web project, and every web interaction. Every single action that we take on the Web should bring us more information, more access to each other, more change in ourselves and the world around us, more freedom, and more truth.

If this simple fact resonates with you, if this simple truth is self-evident when I tell it to you, if this simple belief drives your desire for a better Web, then I think we’re both ready to take a journey. Tell me what you want to do on the Web and I’ll show you the wonder that I see…

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